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6 Telltale Signs You’re Due for a Bathroom Remodel

In 2020, US homeowners spent roughly $13,000 on home renovation and maintenance. This year, more money will be spent on improving living spaces, with the bathroom remodel the most popular planned project.

It’s easy to see why the bathroom is a favorite place for homeowners to start when doing home renovations. People spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom, so it only makes sense to make this space as comfortable, practical, and efficient as possible.

Besides, bathrooms are a crucial selling point when you’re putting your home on the market. A great bathroom makes a powerful impression on buyers and can get your home to sell faster and for a better price. And with an impressive ROI of over 70 percent, a bathroom renovation makes complete sense.

But how can you know that your bathroom is due for a remodel? Read on to learn more.

1. The Bathroom Decor Is Outdated

Arguably the clearest sign that you need to seriously consider a bathroom remodeling project is when the bathroom’s colors and decor start to look outdated. It might be that bathroom trends have shifted or that your tastes are no longer the same.

No matter the reason, once you start finding your bathroom’s decor unsightly, it’s time to do a total remodel. Thankfully, you can find many creative bathroom remodeling tips online.

For a truly enchanting bathroom, make color the starting point. A carefully picked shade can add a refreshing touch to your bathroom.

Go for colors that reflect your style. If you have trouble settling on a specific shade, consider neutral grays and muted tones. These shades can give your bathroom an instant, noticeable upgrade.

You’ll also want to consider changing the type and color of the current bathroom tile—ditch old-fashioned tile for trendy options that feature unique patterns and textures.

2. The Layout Is Cramped

Most bathrooms in American homes today don’t cater to 21st century needs. Their design features relatively limited space. If that’s how your bathroom looks, it may be that you’re struggling with the layout, organization, and space to move around.

No one wants to keep stumbling over the toilet every time they’re using the bathroom. If getting to the shower is a hustle because the sink is on the way, it’s time for a major bathroom remodel.

With some expert direction on how to remodel a bathroom, you can lay out the room in a way that fully optimizes the space you have. The idea is to give the room a feeling of luxury without needing to expand the dimensions.

Decide between repositioning the pieces you already have or updating some of the current necessities with newer, space-saving models. Note that you may need a permit if you intend to move the plumbing around.

3. Your Bathroom Has Obvious Damage

Another huge sign that your bathroom is in dire need of a renovation is if there’s damage everywhere. Components leaking, cracks on the walls and floor, and a pungent smell of mildew are just some of the clear signs that you need a new bathroom.

Don’t be tempted to cover flaws with a fresh coat of paint or less drastic measures. Failing to address these issues completely will only make matters worse. Don’t try to salvage what’s clearly damaged; replace it.

Once you’re through with replacing all damaged components, make sure your bathroom passes the sniff test. If you still find it embarrassing to invite guests to your bathroom due to lingering odors, check the ventilation. The goal should be for your bathroom to feel like a sauna.

4. Your Bathroom Is Poorly Lit

The lighting in your bathroom helps create the desired ambiance. However, if people using the bathroom find the lights blindingly bright, you have a lighting problem. The same applies to the lighting being too dim that one can hardly see themselves in the mirror.

Unfortunately, many people focus too much on decorative elements when remodeling their bathrooms and forget about lighting. But while you may get tired of a decorative piece in your bathroom, you’ll always appreciate good lighting.

When upgrading lighting in your bathroom, consider including a dimmer switch that allows someone to set their desired level of brightness.

5. Your Bathroom Is Too Low on Storage

If the space in your bathroom isn’t enough to store your bathroom necessities, then it’s time for a renovation. A remodel allows you to create the storage you need, so you don’t have to bring in bulky organizers from the store.

During a renovation, everything goes to its appropriate place, ensuring that you have a visually appealing room and enough storage space for your essentials. In addition, you can find creative and gorgeous bathroom solutions that may even become the main attraction of your bathroom space.

6. You Need To Add Safety Features

Perhaps you need some new features in your bathroom for you or a loved one for safety purposes. This may be the perfect time to remodel the entire bathroom to make it even more functional and accessible, especially for aging loved ones.

Some of the safety features you may want to add during the bathroom remodel include handrails and grab bars. You may also want to install a higher toilet and switch the bathtub into a shower.

Don’t Delay Your Bathroom Remodel.

Given the amount of time you spend in your bathroom, you want to make it as inviting as possible. If fixtures are becoming worn or you have to struggle to get around your bathroom, it’s a sure sign you need to do a bathroom remodel.

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