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5 Signs Your Home Needs a Good Roof Washing

64.2% of Americans own their homes, according to a study for USA Today. That’s millions of Americans fixing, cleaning, and maintaining their homes every day. There are many different parts of a house to keep up with, and knowing how to do everything can seem overwhelming.

You don’t need to know how to fix everything, and you can often find help with whatever you need. If you’re a homeowner, you know that one of the most important aspects of your house is your roof.

Read on to learn five important signs that your home needs a roof washing.

1 – Black Streaks

Black streaks on your roof aren’t necessarily just dirt or grime. You’ll notice them as dark vertical streaks. They often indicate mold or algae growth, usually blue-green algae. This particular algae is spread by airborne spores.

Algae feed off of moisture that many types of shingles hold on to. This will also cause them to eat away at the shingles, leading to wood damage.

If you see black streaks, that is a great way to know your home is in need of a roof cleaning. If you catch it quickly, you can prevent any damage from occurring that could lead to an expensive fix.

2 – Leaves

Though leaves may seem harmless, a build-up can cause serious damage to your roof. When too many leaves, branches, twigs, dirt, and other debris collect on your roof, they can block your gutters and water can accumulate.

This can lead to rot, mold, leaks, water damage, and damage to your shingles. A quick cleaning of the leaves off your roof every fall can prevent this damage from occurring and can keep your gutters working properly.

3 – Dirt Build-Up

If you think you have a dirty roof because it just looks dirty, you’re probably right. Though it may not cause your roof a significant amount of damage, a build-up of dirt, grime, and animal droppings can cause your roof to lose its curb appeal. You want a clean, nice house to look at, so do a quick roof washing and it can make all the difference.

4 – Moss 

Moss infestation is one of the most common causes for homeowners to need roof maintenance. Moss can appear quickly on roofs, especially in climates that are colder and wet. It can become deeply rooted in your shingles, which can increase the wear and tear of your roof.

Similarly to algae, moss retains water on your roof’s surface. This can weaken the shingles and cause them to become dislodged. If you regularly clean your roof, you can get rid of any moss already growing, and prevent it from returning.

5 – Constant Shade

If your house is covered by trees and is constantly in the shade, you will need to clean your roof more regularly. Though the shade is great for energy costs, it can trap moisture and prevent it from evaporating.

This can cause a build-up of water and increase the potential for mold to form. Though you may not notice mold or moss on your roof, if your house is covered with shade, consider washing your roof every few months anyway.

Reasons for Roof Washing 

There are many reasons to regularly wash your roof. As stated previously, you will increase your curb appeal with a clean roof. You may not even realize how dirty of a roof you have until you clean it up.

You will also be protecting your home, preventing any structural damage from occurring, and preventing any expensive fixes a dirty roof may lead to. Depending on how dirty your roof gets, it could even lead to a full roof replacement, which is much more expensive than a quick house washing.

A roof cleaning can increase your health just as much as it increases your roof’s health. As your roof collects dirt, grime, animal droppings, and pollen, these can transfer bacteria to you and your family, which can negatively affect your health. Cleaning your roof and getting rid of this bacteria can also be a great way to reduce the symptoms of allergies.

A clean roof can increase the energy efficiency of your home. The algae that cause the black streaks to occur on your roof can eat away at your shingles, which can cause the roof to lose its ability to reflect UV rays. The insulation of your roof is affected and the life of your roof and can be significantly reduced.

If you have a warranty on your roof, neglecting to clean your roof can void that warranty. General multi-year warranties require basic maintenance, and if you clean your roof, you will be able to prevent damages that could occur. This can keep your warranty active for emergencies, such as trees falling on your roof from storms.

Roof Washing with Baker Home Solutions

If you haven’t taken a good look at your roof lately, now is a good time to do so. Though it’s one of the most important parts of your home, and it protects you from all of the outside elements, it can often be overlooked because of all the other parts of your home that may take precedence.

Don’t take your roof for granted, and consider getting a good roof washing today. It will save you time and money, and make your home a better place for you and your family. Contact us today, and you can be sure you have a clean and healthy roof that will last for years to come.