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7 Reasons to Look Into Power Washing Services for Your Roof

Roof cleaning is something that many homeowners dread. The thought of getting up on the roof and being in danger of falling is enough for most to avoid it. If you decide to attempt cleaning your roof yourself, it’s important to stay safe.

Even if the thought of washing your roof is scary, it’s an important part of your roof maintenance. Thankfully, there are professional roof washing companies that are equipped to take on the job.

If you know you need a roof cleaning but don’t want to do it yourself, power washing services might be what you need. Here are 7 reasons that you should look into a power washing service today.

1 – Lower Your Energy Bills

Your roof plays a big role in the energy efficiency of your home. It’s built to reflect the sunlight so that your attic and home stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

A roof that’s dirty or has fungus growing on it stops this helpful process. The build-up interferes with the reflection and therefore makes your home much hotter.

This means that your HVAC system will need to work overtime to keep your home at the right temperature. It will also create a high bill at the end of the month.

By power washing your roof, you’re setting yourself up for success. With no build-up on the surface, your roof can do its job of reflecting the sunlight away from your home.

If you can have your roof cleaned regularly, then you’ll enjoy months of lower energy bills each year.

2 – Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

Your average roof has a lifespan of about 15-20 years. While this is a long time, a dirty roof can have you replacing it faster than you should be.

Your roof builds up with fungi that can do severe damage. As time goes on, more and more mold and moss will accumulate and spread. Eventually, it will also start to eat away at the roof.

When this happens, it causes roof rot.

With regular power washing, you’ll rid your roof of these elements. It blasts the fungus off of the roof and keeps it clean long after. This stops them from eating away at the material, and in turn, ensures that your roof will last for its recommended lifespan.

3 – Show Your Worth

As a homeowner, you may or may not intend to sell your home in the future. Even if you don’t, it’s important to keep in mind that this could end up being a possibility for you later in life.

If this is something that you anticipate, then you’ll want to make sure that you’re taking good care of your roof.

If you’re selling your house, it’s a great time to get a professional roof washing done. This can really impress potential buyers. A clean roof shows that you’ve taken good care of the property and shows a buyer that the roof is in good shape.

If you want to go above and beyond to make sure that your roof impresses a buyer, you’ll want to get a regular cleaning done. It will benefit you as you live there and when you sell.

A clean roof can also increase your property value, so it’s worth it!

4 – Stay Healthy

Believe it or not, your roof has a big impact on your health.

If your roof is dirty, there’s a good chance that there’s mold on it, too. Even though it’s on the outside of your home, it’s easy for it to make its way inside.

With mold on your roof, it won’t be long until it finds its way into your attic. From there, the spores are more likely to travel throughout your HVAC system. This affects the air quality of your home and can attract unwanted pests.

By investing in a power washing, you’ll feel confident knowing that your roof is free from mold. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home has clean air that will help you avoid any long-lasting health effects that mold may cause.

5 – Keep Your Insurance Costs Low

When you can prove that you take care of your home, your insurance will thank you.

Having regular pressure washing done on your roof will show your insurance company that you’re putting in the effort to keep your roof in top shape. It’s less likely that you’ll have severe issues and you’re doing your due diligence as a homeowner.

Even something as simple as one cleaning a year can be enough to show your insurance company that you care. If you want to lower your insurance costs, then investing in professional power washing can be a great place to start.

6 – Damage Prevention

Remember when we mentioned roof rot earlier? This is a serious issue that can become a structural problem if it’s not taken care of.

It’s much better to prevent this than to wait until it’s too late.

The best way to do it is to have regular professional roof washing done. It will clean all the debris off the roof that attracts insects and contributes to wood rot.

To prevent damages, it’s important to give the roof a good cleaning on a regular basis.

7 – Show Off Your Beautiful Roof

Your roof is an important part of your home that adds to its aesthetic. You should show it off in all its glory!

A dirty roof can say a lot about your home. A sparkling and clean roof can show how much you care about your property and your neighbors.

Your roof will be the envy of the neighborhood after a beautiful professional cleaning.

Do You Need Power Washing Services for Your Roof?

You’ve learned about the issues a dirty roof can cause and how important it is to invest in power washing services. It’s a great investment for homeowners who care about their homes, saving money, and their health.

At Baker Home Solutions, we can do a professional power washing on your roof to keep it in top shape.

Are you interested in having your roof professionally cleaned? If so, contact us today to get an estimate!